A Pseudo-Random List of Retrocomputing Links

I’ve put this list together as much for my own benefit as for that of potential readers. The only selection criterion was “stuff that I find intersting and want to be able to go back to later.”

Yes, I know browser bookmarks exist.

Blogs & Podcasts

Programming Languages

General / Platform independent


Counterfeit ICs

A major source for obsolete ICs to use in retro-homebrew projects are Chinese sellers on eBay. Unfortunately, many of them don’t seem to care whether the ICs they sell are genuine or counterfeit. Here are a couple of pages about spotting counterfeit ICs

Commodore 8-Bit


Books and Magazines

CBM II series (P500/B600/B700)


CP/M systems in general


Tektronix 4051

Kosmos CP-1

COSMAC Elf and other RCA1802-based Systems